I've enjoyed making art my entire life, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I decided to dive into this full time. My decision to pursue this career path developed in high school under the guidance of my first mentor, the late, great James Range.  His advice for success in the art world was simple: "Draw, draw, draw."

I moved on to the American Academy of Art, Chicago, and was further inspired by Tom Torluemke and Rich Kryczka. However, I changed paths and graduated with a degree in Advertising Design.  I took those skills and spent 20+ years in the print-industry working for various newspapers and magazines.

While this career was rewarding and allowed me to pay the bills, I found that "art" moved to the back-burner. And that is what I truly wanted to do.

​So here I am. It's a challenge, but I'm concentrating on producing artwork that I love. Pieces that I'm proud to hang on my own walls, hoping that others may want to place it on their walls as well. I enjoy exploring different techniques, so my "style" can't exactly be pigeon-holed. I have a bunch of pencil/digital pieces, some loose acrylics, some tight black and white acrylics, plus I've been trying out wash-pencil on kraft paper lately.

While my love of art is strong, I also love: my awesome wife, my family and friends, my dog and two cats, my back yard, grilling, Halloween, horror movies, roller derby, the Windy City Rollers, craft beer, vinyl, Alton Brown, cymbal-playing monkeys, Bat Conservation International, Universal Monsters, ribeye steaks, The Walking Dead, classic cars, rat rods, Siouxsie & the Banshees, VNV Nation, Apple computers and Sriracha.

My name is Joe... and I thank you for visiting my site. Cheers!

Frank. Studio Assistant.

Joseph Krystofiak. Proprietor/Designer/Illustrator.

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